About me

Hi, Im James. Nice to meet you.

A little bit about James:

I was born in 1974, the day after Christian Bale and the week before Seth Green. It seems like a long time ago, but the time has passed really quickly. I was a good boy, played football, rugby and cricket at school and was chief sixer in my cub scout pack. I was that annoying kid that was pretty well behaved and pretty bright. I was helpful.

In secondary school I got brighter so I was really annoying then started hating teachers because I was the go to chap for answering stuff. I got into old fashioned radio comedy (still am), prog rock and basketball and baseball. So I would quote the Goons, Round the Horne and talk about the Cleveland Indians, the Mets, Magic Johnson vs Larry Bird and Pink Floyd. Few people knew what I was talking about. On top of that I was a big reader of things like the Illuminatus Trilogy. I joined a few bands and tried to become a professional musician without really engaging with what you need to do to be that.

I started coaching people at school, helping people get through exams and to understand subjects that I was comfortable with like Physics, Chemistry, and Maths. Since thenĀ IveĀ carried on coaching as a manager, musician, and as a side business.

I drifted through University, left early and went into the Civil Service (still being a good boy, see) looking to contribute. I guess I still am.

I qualified as a life and business coach in 2008 and have been a member of the Association for Coaching up to October 2010. I left when I decided to focus on my day job for now, after I gained my Professional Certificate in Management from the Open University.

I still play guitar, but not as well as I used to, nor as often as I’d like. I’m still that good cub scout trying to contribute, tryng to help people when I can.

It would be nice to hear from you.



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