My diary:

I put a diary on this site, and its not the sort of thing I see on similar sites.  Normally you’d get other news and articles connected to what business and services I’m offering.  Very corporate, and potentially offering you value for free.

You probably already have free resources and know how to Google anything you need that’s already out there.

What I thought would be more useful would be to give you an idea of what I’m actually like. That way you can make a more informed decision about whether I’m the right person to help you. So I put my diary here. It isn’t everything I think, it isn’t my most personal thoughts and so on because they are mine and you can’t have them.

But there is some personal stuff in there, as well as interesting things I’ve found and summaries or case studies of work I’ve done. I thought about putting categories in there and organizing it, but that’s not really the point it works for me to reflect and share and hopefully gives you a bit of insight about what I’m like. There’s always search or the tag cloud if you’re after something specific.

I hope you like it and find it useful or interesting.

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