Welcome to Daylight Station

Hi, I’m James and I’d like to welcome you to Daylight Station.

What do I do?

I help people solve problems and improve their life and business. I do this through a mixture of skills including:

  • Coaching: DJ, Electronic Instrument,…
  • Consulting: ALL music instruments
  • Mentoring: Self-Development
  • Management

I think I can help you with some points of your life.  If you have any questions or comments please contact me:

The easiest way is to email me: james@daylightstation.com


What is Daylight Station?

I’ve been using the name Daylight Station for quite a while now. Its origin is in the film Event Horizon¬†which is a pretty good film, but the very start features a shot of a space station with the Earth beneath it and a vertiginous pull out further into space. The caption was Daylight Station: Low Earth Orbit and being an impressionable 20-something watching this in a cinema on a big screen and feeling a bit ill, the name stuck with me.

Back then I was writing soundtrack and ambient music so it seemed to fit quite well as a name, plus I felt like I was in a low earth orbit most of the time anyway. But it also seemed to be suitable because I wanted to create a community on the site and also offer the space out to other musicians and artists to help them get online (this was before it was so easy to do).

When I started coaching as a business I tried to keep it separate. I had a plain name to fit into the business expectation. It didn’t suit me and I took a break. Now I’m back it seems to fit again as I would like Daylight Station to become a place of safety and a place that can create some light, from shedding light on problems to just being a bit of a beacon. It has always been a flexible name and a flexible place, and to me, its always stood for bringing a bit of light into the darkness. It is my home.

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